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GungGung Adventure, Karangasem


Fun and natural adventure using classic 4-wheel drive in the East Bali ready to welcome you with a touch of local empowerment

Gunggung Adventure invites you to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. Passing through rural areas and the state of unspoiled nature.
Have a fun trip and adventure with your family or group member.
Gunggung Adventure is one of the Off Road adventure in Bali. New natural adventure tours in East Bali by car jeep 4x4 invites you through the mountains. Explore the natural beauty of East Bali by passing through beautiful countryside of Sibetan Village, beautiful rice fields of Karangasem Bali, Salak Plantation, hills and verdant valleys and the sea is the most attractive view to take a look.
Enjoy the fresh air surrounded by largest ecotourism in Bali "Salak". One of several indigenous fruits in Indonesia. It is a species of palm tree and one of tropical plantation could be visit in Sibetan karangasem Bali.
With the concept of basic local tourism, this cultural adventure activities Gunggung Adventure Bali is supported by Karangasem Bali Local communities from operational teams, plantation care, local home care, environmental awareness, maintaining local culture with daily life and friendly welcome to tourists.
If you are looking for a different experience, Gunggung Adventure Karangasem is the right choice. A different experience with the classic amenities 4wheel drive that takes you  to travel around the pristine nature.
Salak Plantation in Sibetan Village is one of the most attractive attraction to visit in Bali.
What people say about Bali Gung Gung Cultural and Nature Adventure is :
" Very impressive, Fun Trip, my first offroad with jeep, nice scenery, friendly community..."

Activities and Trip provided by GungGung Adventure Bali 
Cultural and Nature Adventure tourism activities that can be done while enjoying your holidays in Sibetan Village Karangasem Bali with Gung Gung Adventure are :
- Salak Bali Agro Jeep Sunrise
4WD Jeep Adventure tour in early morning to the top of the hill at an altitude of about 1,200 meters from sea level, witness of the sun rising behind the shadow of Mount Rinjani and to the majestic Mount Agung
- Salak Bali Agro Jeep Village Trail
Adventure tour to explore Salak plantation, rural surrounding plantation with various activities of local community Enjoy the beauty of the valley and Mount Agung from the top of the hill at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level.
- Salak Bali Agro Countryside Cycling
Mountain biking adventure tour, starting from the Salak plantation and down the countryside with various activities of the local community. Crossing single tracks in paddy fields and river bridges gives the impression of bike tours in Bali.
- Salak Bali Agro Eco Trekking
Adventure tour to enjoy nature by walking around salak plantation and Sibetan village In the course of picking and enjoying the fresh fruit bark on the tree
*check the below table for the update pricelist of the amazing Gung Gung Bali Jeep Adventure activities*
Bali GungGung Adventure Parking Area :
- Car park available
Food and Beverage at GungGung Adventure Bali :
- Serve Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Lunch
GungGung Adventure Bali Opening Hours :
Everyday from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm
Closed on Nyepi Day (Silence Day / Seclusion Day)

How to Go to GungGung Adventure Karangasem.....
Location & Address of Gung Gung Adventure Karangasem :
Activity Location is Desa Sibetan, Karangasem, Bali - Indonesia
GungGung Adventure Karangasem Reservation Phone Number +6289666777488
Call & Text Messaging (Chat, Google+, Line, Whatsapp or SMS) our customer services team on the number above, to speak to one of our GungGung Adventure Trip adviser who will help you with all of your holiday needs.
For further information GungGung Adventure Karangasem Bali Cheapest Price and Product Details, GungGung Adventure Bali Package Voucher and Discount Rate, GungGung Adventure Rate deals,
Bali GungGung Adventure Nearby Direction and Driving Distance :
- Gianyar (35.5 Km)
- Ubud (45.6 Km)
- Denpasar (57.9 Km)
Transport to Gung Gung Adventure Karangasem :
Get a Bali Transport from your stay (Contact us for Cheap Bali Transport). GungGung Adventure, Karangasem also arrange a Free Transportation including into your Trip Package. 

GungGung Adventure Bali is Best Recommended and Ideal Activity for :
* Bali Backpacker and Individual Traveller
* Bali Trendsetter
* Bali Eco-tourist 
* Bali Nature Lover
* Local Bali Adventures
* Bali Thrill Seeker
* Bali Urban Explorer
* Bali Luxury Traveler
* Bali Thrifty Traveler
* Bali Hits Activity Seeker
* Honeymoon in Bali
* Famous Bali Trip and Destination
Bali Gung Gung Off Road Adventure can be combined and implemented in conjunction with other activities Trip or Tour in the same direction.

What you should bring for Bali GungGung Adventure Tour activity :
- Payment (Cash, Voucher, Credit Card)
- Shorts and Sport Wear
- T-shirt
- Sport shoes/sandals
- Hat & sunscreen recommended
Tips For Your Holiday Trip and Vacation in Bali : 
Comfort and safety during travel are two very important things before deciding traveling to a place. Here are some tips that can help you survive during the journey to the destination:
- Avoid showing off valuable things
- Do not solitude or being alone
- Save important documents & belongings
- Bring supplies as needed
- Keep food consumption and use mineral water 

Join the Balinese Village tour with the 4wheel Jeep
GungGung Adventure Bali PACKAGES PRICE LIST :
GungGung Adventure Bali
Product Image
Gung Gung Adventure    Bali
Product Description
GungGung Adventure Bali
Best Rate 2019
Salak Agro JEEP
IDR 850,000
IDR 1,190,000++

Salak Agro JEEP
IDR 850,000
IDR 1,190,000++

Salak Agro
IDR 550,000
IDR 750,000++

Salak Agro
IDR 550,000
IDR 750,000++

Itinerary of Gung Gung Adventure :
Salak Bali Agro Jeep Village Trail Itinerary
- 09.00 : Arrive at the start point, replace with a classic 4WD car and start the village trail adventure pass through Villagers, plantation, valley, nice rice field.                          
- 09.30 : Short trekking to visit a local house which is still making a traditional wine process.
- 10.00 : Explore the plantation, feel the harvesting sensation and taste the fresh Salak fruits from from the tree at the largest plantation in Bali island.
- 11.30 : Coffee / tea break at the local house followed by traditional snack.
- 12.00 : Spectacular panorama at the top view as well as Mt. Agung and eastern coast of Bali.
- 12.30 : Valley view point to see the eastern edge of Bali island.
- 13.30 : Enjoy typical lunch.
- 14.30 : Return to the hotel with air conditioned van.
- 16.00 : Approximately arrive back to the hotel.

Salak Bali Agro Jeep Sunrise  Itinerary
- 04.30 : Arrive at starting point, replace with the classic 4WD car to explore to the hill top for the Sunrise adventure.
- 04.45 : The trip will start early morning and past through plantations and bamboo forests. Little bit rocky road to the hill top, feel the thrill adventure sensation.
- 05.30 : Arrive at the hilltop. It's the time to enjoy the beautiful natural panorama accompanied with a cup coffee / tea warm and simple breakfast.
- 08.00 : When the sun bite getting hot return drive down the hill side with a magnificent valley scenery 
- 08.45 : Explore, feel the harvesting sensation and taste the fresh Salak fruits from the tree.
- 09.00 : Return to your hotel with air conditioned van.
- 11.00 : Approximately arrive back to the hotel.

Salak Bali Agro Countryside Cycling Itinerary
- 09.00 : Arrive at the start point and meet the Guide.                           
- 09.30 : Explore, harvest, eat and taste directly the Salak Fruit on the plantation area.
- 10.30 : Continue to the downhill trek pass through local villager’s daily life and traditional markets also to a ricefield valley.
- 11.30 : Fresh young coconut is already waiting, presented by local people on their ricefield hut to refresh our body.
- 12.00 : continue on the rice terraces path, join the farmer activities on their fields and their harmony living.
- 13.30 : Enjoy typical lunch.
- 14.30 : Return to the hotel with air conditioned van.
- 16.00 : Approximately arrive back to the hotel.

Salak Bali Agro Eco Trekking Itinerary
- 09.00 : Arrive at the start point and meet the Guide.                          
- 09.30 : Trekking trip with Gunggung Adventure will pass through beautiful rice terrace, rural scenery, close High Mountain and hill. Meet the local daily activities at their farm and Balinese traditional village and show the real Balinese live style. On the village also looking the processing make a Tuak (traditional alcohol drink from coconut tree).
- 11.30 : Fresh young coconut is already waiting, presented by local people to refresh our body.
- 12.00 : continue explore, harvest and taste directly the Salak Fruit (Zalacca) at the largest salak fruit plantation in Bali.
- 13.30 : Enjoy typical lunch.
- 14.30 : Return to the hotel with air conditioned van.
- 16.00 : Approximately arrive back to the hotel.

Reservation of Gung Gung Bali Adventure Karangasem Bali Terms and Conditions :
- GungGung Adventure Bali Rate validity until 31 March 2019
- Minimum 2 participant for trip (Package). Booking for 1 person, please contact for possibility
- The above rates already include Government Tax and Service Charges
- Reservation should be made minimum 7 days before the activities. Last minute booking is depend on treatment schedule
Gung Gung Bali Adventure Rate Inclusions :
- Air Conditioned Hotel Transfer (Round trip hotel transfer covering the hotel’s area of Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Amed, Tulamben, Candi Dasa, Sanur and Ubud only)
- All Safety Equipment
- Typical Lunch 
- Coffee and Tea break followed by traditional snack at the local house
- Experience instructors, driver and guide
- Fresh Young Coconut
- Explore, harvesting and taste the fresh Salak fruits from the tree
- Insurance cover
Gung Gung Bali Adventure Pick Up Service Time Table :
Pick Up Service Area 
Salak Bali Agro
Village Trail 
Salak Bali Agro
Salak Bali Country
Salak Bali Agro
Eco Trekking 
Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran 
Kuta, Legian, Seminyak Area
Sanur and Denpasar Area
Ubud Area
Candidasa, Padangbay, Amed and Tulamben
The exceeding pick up area will be charged IDR. 150.000 net/car (maximum for 4 people per car)

Gung Gung Adventure Activity is NOT Suitable for :
- Pregnant women
- People with back and heart problem or other physical impediments
- Infant not recommended for this trip. However if the parents insist, they must complete a Disclaimer letter releasing the Company name and all its officers and /or employees, agents from negligence and any further legal action by any Party, prior to the trip commencement
Terms of Payment and Cancellation :
- We accept two forms of payment : Cash or Credit Card. In accordance with the policy of Bank Indonesia, the prices display in Indonesian Rupiah currency. All payment should be settled by our INDONESIAN RUPIAH money (IDR)
- Although it is not our policy to levy cancellation or "no show" fees of any kind, a late notice of cancellation may result a claim from the Activity provider. Will inform to you upon making reservation

Fun and natural adventure with classic 4-wheel drive to the East Bali. Explore the beauty and uniqueness of East Bali rural area. Get in touch with Sibetan Villagers. Watch below youtube video player of Gung Gung Adventure Bali.

GungGung Adventure Review :
“The whole day has been excellent, staff friendly (Cerryd - Australia)"

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