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Bali Community


Bali, a small island in the archipelago, has a variety of unique things, especially related to tradition and culture.

Life in Bali is very communal, with the organization of villages, farming, and even the creative arts being decided by the community. The local government is responsible for schools, clinics, hospitals, and roads, but all other aspects of life are placed in the hands of two traditional committees, whose roots in Balinese culture stretch back centuries. The first, Subak, concerns the production of rice and organizes the complex irrigation system. Everyone who owns a sawah, or padi-field, must join their local Subak, which ensures that every member gets his fair share of irrigation water.

The other community organization is the Banjar, responsible for arranging all village festivals, marriage ceremonies, and cremations. Most villages have at least one Banjar, and all men have to join when they marry. Banjars, on average, give membership to 50–100 families, and all Banjars have their own meeting place called the Bale Banjar. As well as being used for regular meetings, the bale (pavilion) is where the local gamelan orchestras and drama groups practice.

The tradition and culture of the island are interesting aspects to be studied. This is probably the main attraction that is able to bring in tourists from various countries to spend their vacation period there. The appeal of art and culture wrapped in the magical power of the island makes some people from abroad settle down on this small island.

Model : Putu Thaniya with dance teacher

People from other islands or abroad who stay in Bali feel comfortable and peaceful on the island. In addition to learning about the art and culture of Bali, some people from outside the region are also coming to the island to see the living habits of the people of Bali, which are based on Hindu religious beliefs. Every region of the village on the island appears to have habits that are a little bit different from each other; this may be due to the implementation of the principles of religion and culture, which are tailored to the Desa, Kala, and Patra (place, time, and circumstances).

Balinese people is very friendly and helping each other

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