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Mount Bromo Visit 2015, Part 1 (Penanjakan Sunrise)


What a beauty view's in Bromo.... enjoy all the trips.

The journey from the island of Bali, we started from 09.00 am. Departing from Villa Crist Masso is located in the Seminyak area. A perfect location for your stay in Villa, close to the rice fields and Balinese life. After breakfast and warm farewell, we continue the journey to Bromo. Me as a tour guide at the time did recheck of the guest's belongings. Medication, passports, blankets, pillows, cash on hand (Rupiah to buy food and drink) and so on.
Traveling by car headed to the port of Gilimanuk Bali, was very smoothly. Stop for a moment at Temple Rambut Siwi - Jembranan Bali. Just to buy a snack and a drink. Arriving at the port of Gilimanuk, after paying the ticket aboard. We went up in the local marine vessel, crossing to the island of Java. On the way, we could see a puff of brown clouds in the distance, we thought it was a cloud and dust from the mountain Raung erupting in this time. Approximately one hour I and our guest (Thomaz and Aga - Polland) were on cruise.

Arriving on the island of Java at 14:00, the journey continues. We are looking for a nearby restaurant that we could stopped for a lunch. But on the way, we could not find a restaurant that was open. Until I realized, that now is the time for Muslims in Java had fasting. And the restaurant was not allowed to open. Finally we found one small shop (called : Warung) which will open in the afternoon in the area of Situbondo - East Java. Dining with local food, highly favored by Mr. Thomaz and Ms. Aga. Cheap as a local prices and taste yummy. A short break, and then further towards Probolinggo Regency. Along the north sea of Java island, broke the Mountains and Hill, past the green forests and the village.

Then we arrived in Probolinggo, the intersection of highways to get to the Tengger region, back down a small rural road. The atmosphere was already dark, as we arrived in Probolinggo at night time. With our car towards the Putus Village to stay a Night. Steep streets and sandy, that we must started going through. And we arrived at the village of Putus where we were staying, nearby Penanjakan and Bromo Mountain at 9 pm. Was dark and cold, but beautiful as the stars in the sky shining very bright. Its very charm, that makes us forget the very long long journey.

My friend who lives in the Putus village of Bromo, greeted us warmly. Comfortable rooms have been provided, complete with hot water for showers. Besides warm dishes is also available (though only hot tea, hot coffee, fried bananas, fried noodles). Is time to take a rest. And this area really makes me freeze. The coldest can possible reach to 0 degrees celcius.

At 4am we had to rush to make the trip to see the sun Rising in the area of Penanjakan. Snacks, mineral water, jacket, scarf, hat, all arrangements should be made. Depart with Jeep 4wd from where we were staying and we had rented. Seeing around us is still dark and foggy. Arrived in Penanjakan area, seen a lot of cars and visitors there. Once again, we had to ride a motorcycle to get to the top, by paying the cost of IDR 15.000 per person oneway. Then, walking on the stairs, go up to the site to watch the sunrise. It was filled with visitors, both domestic and international travelers. Had to find the right place to see the spectacular scenery. Waited a moment and indeed, at 5 am the color of the sky turned red. Appeared slightly sparkling sun.
Along even then, we've seen around the state. WOW .... really fascinating and like painting, a very beautiful sky also view.

The active of Mount Semeru Volcano, seemingly with smoke in distance. And a view of Mount Bromo from Peak Penanjakan, so riveting. Slightly crammed and seek opportunities to be able to take pictures with the background of this scenery. You can see it in this photo. So beautiful isn't it?

When the morning comes and the atmosphere was light, is time for us to continued for a trip to Mount Bromo. Look closely, the Mount Bromo crater and volcanic sand.

Journey : Mount Bromo - East Java, Indonesia
Start Point : Seminyak - Bali, Indonesia
Travel Date : 6 July 2015
Travel Period : 2 Days 1 Night
Author : Budibagus
Post : 6 August 2015


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