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Jepun Bali (Frangipani) Flower


In Bali, you can find a tree of Cambodia Flowers or Jepun Bali Flowers, in any yard or along the roadside. Creating beautiful streets and gardens in Bali with this beautiful flowers.

Frangipani flower, in Bali called Jepun, Kamboja (Cambodia), Kemboja, or Semboja, is a group of plants of the genus Plumeria. Many people think it's coming from Cambodia. Actually, these plants originated on mainland Central America. Frangipani (Plumeria SP) was found by Charles Plumier (1646–1706), a French botanist. To remember the last name of the founder, Charles Plumier, enshrined in the Latin name of this flower. According to some sources, frangipani plants were introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch. Indonesia has native frangipani varieties: white flowering frangipani types with yellow inside (Plumeria alba). The flowers are small, with petals that are not fully open during bloom. Frangipani of this type is found in the yard of the house in Bali.

There are many kinds of Frangipani flowers planted in Bali, from plain white to yellowish white to purplish red. The aroma of these flowers is very distinctive and fragrant. Cambodia is also planted as a shade plant in parks or gardens. beneficiaries in making canang as part of the offerings and prayers. And also for decoration in a hotel, restaurant, or spa.

This plant contains many chemical compounds that are beneficial for human health, such as plumerat acid, serotinat acid, plumierid, and agoniadin. Therefore, these plants have the utility of curing various diseases.

Frangipani sap contains alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and triterpenoids that are very useful for antibiotics, of course with proper dosage. The saps are also able to cure toothache and contain rubber latex, which is able to contract human skin without pain. The bark of these trees contains substances toxic and bitter, and the sap contains resin and plumeria. The roots and leaves contain saponins, polyphenols, alkaloids, and fenetil alcohol. And fulvoplumierin compounds contained in almost all parts of the plant are useful to inhibit dysentery, respiratory tract inflammation, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. The flowers themselves can reduce the heat, stop coughing, and shed urine.

Here, efficacy and traditional treatment of Frangipani flowers or Jepun Bali plants with the Latin name Plumeria acuminata Ait include:
- Swelling: A piece of finely ground frangipani tree bark, boiled with 6 cups of water to a boil. Warm water soaks the swollen body parts.
- Boils: A sheet of frangipani leaves could be crushed or baked. Then rub coconut oil on it and stick it on the boil. Or with frangipani sap applied to boils..
- Ulcers: Apply frangipani to boiled sap that has been washed with warm water.
- Warts: Apply 1 teaspoon of frangipani tree sap to the warts several times over several days until the wart is gone.
- Removing the thorns or broken glass: apply sap frangipani on the sick; the incoming object will come out.
- Calluses: Squirt frangipani sap on the skin of calluses every day until they heal.
- Cracked heel: A piece of skin frangipani boiled with 3 liters of water. Warm soak to leg pain.

In addition to their use in fresh condition, dried Frangipani flowers can also be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of tea, perfume, incense, and herbal mixtures. Currently, in Bali, dried flowers can be sold per kilo, priced between IDR 20,000 and IDR 70,000.

Frangipani plants are usually easy to grow and do not require special treatment. Frangipani plant cultivation can be done in various ways, such as by grafting the trunk. And can also be done by sowing seeds of frangipani.

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