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Bali Agung Theatre, Lebih


Bali Agung Theatre at Bali Safari & Marine Park Review : "The magnitude, color, costumes, choreography and everything makes it so enticing to watch. The theatre is also very comfortable with tiered seatings and with clear unblocked view of the performance." 

Bali Agung Theatre at Bali Safari and Marine Park is a grand collaboration of over 150 Bali’s most talented dancers and performers, directed and supported by internationally acclaimed director, producer, puppet maker, costume and artistic designer, music composer, stage director, lighting engineer, and not to mention animal trainer.

The Synopsis :
The spectacular performances of "Bali Agung" is inspired by the historic and legendary 12th century story of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved wife Kang Ching Wie, the daughter of a Chinese merchant. After many years of unsuccessfully trying for a baby, the King decides to travel alone across the waters to find his inner power.

Following a storm at sea, the King is washed ashore into a strange and magical land full of beautiful creature. He finds a place to meditate but is interrupted by the arrival of Dewi Danu, the goddness of fertility from the volcanic Lake Batur. Accompanied by her forest spirits, Dewi Danu seduces the King which cannot resist.

Meanwhile, after years of waiting for her King to returns, Kang Ching Wie has the courage to travel to find her husband only to discover that her husband has married Dewi Danu. They have had a child together. Kang Ching Wie is overwhelmed by what she sees and sets her guards agains Jaya Pangus. A raging battle ensues, but their enduring love draws them together to face the demons. In her anger, Dewi Danu turns the King and his Queen into statues.

The people in the village are saddened that their beloved King and Queen are gone but happy to see their prince crowned as their new young King. The story ends with the arrival of Barong Landung, presented as the living embodiment of their former King and Queen through until this day in Bali. 

The Legend of Balinese Goddnesses :
  • Kang Ching Wie is one of the two supreme deities in the Balinese tradition and is considered to be the Goddnes of Prosperity. Her shrines are erected at every trading location and merchant's home. 
  • Dewi Danu is the other supreme deity and is considered to be the symbol of fertility. Dewi Danu is also the Goddness of Lake Batur which is the source of the water that irrigates the island abundant farmland.
  • Barong Landung, effigies of the King and his WIfe, Kang Ching Wie, are paraded only once in every 210 days through the streets of Bali as an ogre-like Barong Landung, warding off bad luck and evil spirits.

Bali Agung Theatre in The Park - Schedule :
Showing on Tuesday to Sunday, From 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm

Bali Agung Theatre at Bali Safari & Marine Park - Entrance Ticket  :
Is including into the Bali Safari & Marine Park Entrance Fee, purchase a package like Jungle Hooper or other.

As part of Bali Safari and Marine Park, the Bali Agung Theatre is an excellent theatre, very clean and modern with perfect sound systems. 
The performance showcasing spectacular costumes and props with great music and dancing. The narator's English speaking with heavy Balinese accents. The dancers are definitely real Balinese dancers, not just with good looking but also very captivating. 
So, don't miss this performance if you are visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park

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