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International Departure Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport, Tuban


Aruna Tours Bali will deliver you up at the International Departure Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport, Tuban - Bali. Hopefully your trip and memory in Bali will remembered always

Arriving at International Departures Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport - Bali, prepare your goods or carry-on baggage. And also check lest any items left in the vehicle or in your hotel.

You will go straight walk to the International Departures Terminal gate, and before your flight, you must go through several stages of security checks and counters such as:

1. Security Gate.
To enter the International terminal, all passengers must go through the door of Security checks. Which must be considered at this stage include :
- Prepare your travel documents such as Tickets on schedule your departure as well as the original identity card Passport.
- All luggage must be checked through the x-ray machine.
- To facilitate the review process, so that all metal objects such as mobile phones, keys, and others, should be put in a bag or tray that they provided.
- All passengers must go for Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) one by one.
- If necessary, passengers and luggage can be checked manually by Airport Security Officer.
- Report to the Airport Security Officer if you have a pacemaker or carry firearms
- Not allowed to bring with any of sharp objects and dangerous items such as knives, folding knives, nail cutting tools, cutters, lighters, matches, gas, and so on.

2. Reporting or Check-in Counter
- Prepare your travel documents such as Tickets on schedule of your departure as well as the original identity card.
- Get your line of the reporting table (check in counter) in accordance with your airline. Counter opens 2 hours before flight departure time.
- For flight safety, report your baggage weighing more than 7 kg, and is only allowed to carry one luggage that weighs less than 7 kg into the aircraft cabin.

3. Payment Services Passengers (PJP2U) or Airport Departure Tax 
- Passenger Aircraft Services (PJP2U) or passenger service charge for international flights or International Departure Airport Tax Ngurah Rai Airport Bali is IDR 200,000 in 2014.
- Rates PJP2U now included in the purchase price of the ticket.
- Passengers who are exempted from PJP2U include transit passengers, baby, air crew, guest country.

4. Examination Security Gate 2
The procedure is the same as the first procedure on security check at the time of initial entry door International departure terminal Ngurah Rai Airport.

5. Immigration
The Immigration officer of Ngurah Rai airport, will check your passport and take your Departure Card. So get your line on this counter. One by one they will check and stamp. Make sure, you have the departure stamp to leave in this country.

6. Waiting Rooms of Departures
You can wait in the Waiting Room adjacent to the departure gate location that indicated on the Boarding Pass. A number of door or gate of departure in accordance aircraft provided by the Ngurah Rai Airport. And in the waiting room of Ngurah Rai Airport are adequate facilities such as lounge with air-cooled (AC), toilets were clean, Food & Drink court, Duty Free Shop, until Smoking Room (the room to smoke)

Before boarding, for the safety of flights and passengers, are advised to turn off your cell phone before takeoff and during the flight.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om ...

Have a Good Flight...

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