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Galungan Ceremony Celebration in Bali


The meaning of the day in Bali is the victory of Dharma (goodness) against Adharma (badness). Galungan is held once every 210 days, on Buda Kliwon (Wednesday) Wuku Dungulan of the Balinese Calendar.

The Galungan word is derived from the Old Javanese language and has the meaning "win." Galungan has the same meaning as the word Dungulan, which means also wins. Galungan was first celebrated on Purnama Kapat, Buda Kliwon Wuku Dungulan, in the year 804 Saka (882 AD).
If it coincides with the full moon (Purnama), then the Galungan ceremony was held at a different time than usual. Besides, there is a belief that the full moon day is a blessed day because Sanghyang Ketu is the god of brilliance. Ketu means light (the opposing Rau meaning is dark). Therefore, Galungan, which coincides with the full moon, is called Galungan Nadi, which comes about every 10 years. Referring to Lontar Purana Bali Dwipa also mentioned that the island of Bali, while celebrating Galungan, was just like Indra Loka (heaven).
Offerings of Galungan Ceremony.
As described in Lontar Sri Jayakasunu, Galungan celebrations stopped at the time of King Sri Ekajaya (Saka year 1103) and also the King of Sri Dhanadi. But when Galungan celebrations stopped, much disaster and calamity befell Bali. Which led to the deaths of many royal officials at a young age. Then, after the death of King Sri Dhanadi, he was replaced by King Sri Jayakasunu in the year 1126 Saka. King Sri Jayakasunu used his form of asceticism to get a magical whisper from the Goddess Durgha. Goddess Durgha explained to the King that his ancestors are always short-lived because they no longer celebrate Galungan Day. Dewi Durgha also requested that we hold back the celebration of Galungan on every Wednesday, Kliwon Dungulan, in accordance with tradition. Then the goddess Durgha also asked the king and the people to put Penjor. That its meaning is an expression of thanks presented to Hyang Widhi Wasa (God Almighty). Finally, Galungan celebrated again after a few years of not celebrating.
The day before Galungan is Tuesday, called Penampahan Galungan. Which has the meaning of eliminating all lust and properties that are not good in man to welcome the day of Galungan with a clean and pure mind and habit. On this day, Hindus in Bali held celebration preparations such as making offerings and penjor.
The day after Hari Raya Galungan was called Manis Galungan. Held prayers at their homes. Then, after visiting a neighbor or family member, forgive them and pray for prosperity.
People celebrate Manis Galungan.
The next few days will continue with a series of ceremonies associated with Galungan. And a week later, precisely on Sabtu Kliwon (Saturday), Wuku Kuningan will be celebrated as Hari Raya Kuningan.

Amazing video of Balinese tradition and cultural. Watch here on Youtube Video Player. Video by NusaBali.

In all districts and cities in Bali, Hindus perform prayers in Galungan in a nearby temple.
And for that, schools and institutions were closed for three days in order to welcome the Galungan.
Penjor will be crowded along every fence along the road. Flower offerings are everywhere.
And certainly at this time, Bali will be very unique. Because Bali Hindus worship in Balinese dress for the celebration of Galungan Day, It will be your special day if you are in Bali on Galungan Day.

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