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Waterbom Bali, Kuta


Only IDR 325,000. Best water park in Asia, Slides are amazing and Very relaxing surroundings with lots of greenery
A variety of fun games in Waterbom Bali. Get Special Deal Ticket 2023 for entrance in Waterbom Bali, Booking now....

Located centrally in Kuta Beach, Bali opposite Discovery Centro Mall Bali. Waterbom Park Bali is recognized as the top water park in Asia and also ranks fifth in the world. Is a sprawling 3.8-hectare tropical adventure park with exhilarating world-class water rides! High-speed slides, dizzying trails, and cardiac-pounding rides! There is a whole lot more for everyone in the family.
Set your own pace for a day of fun in the sun or relaxation in the shade; perfect for the whole family or for that special getaway. With a choice of dining outlets and a swim-up bar for tropical drinks.
Waterbom Bali is the one-stop leisure capital of Bali. World-class slides and rides are built and maintained to strict international safety standards. Waterbom Bali uses the advanced salt chlorination water sanitizing technique which is soft on the environment and on your skin too.
Waterbom Bali is also an Earth Check Silver-certified company for its ongoing commitment to having an environmentally sustainable operation.

This is a great day out, no matter how old you are. Take your towels, shorts, sunscreen, eyeglasses, and definitely a hat. Present Aruna`s voucher to the check-in counter and go inside the park. Left, then downstairs to the locker, and buy your own key at the counter. Then you're ready to get wet and get wowed at Waterbom Bali for the whole day.
There are plenty of sun loungers and shady areas around, but the cabana has padded mats and cushions to make you comfortable, as well as being the perfect base if you have kids. The rides are free and are so much fun, some with a lot more thrill and speed factor than others.
There are some games that you pay for, and they are a lot of fun too.
Here`s the RIDE / ATTRACTIONS are available in Bali Waterbom Park that you must try and also all facilities inside :
A river you can drift along in a tube raft and lull your heart rate back to normal. The cascading waterfalls, languid ripples, and luxuriant tropical foliage will help to screen you from the flurry of excitement.
Big fun for the little ones with funky rides, water cannons and jets, body slides, and more to certainly make tots go ecstatic. These attractions are designed to be child safe and supervised at all times.
- Pleasure Pool :
Waterbom’s largest pool Water volleyball and swim-up Splash Bar.
The longest waterslide in the world is a 1/4-kilometer-long tube slide.
Silk-Tec technology is the most innovative fiber glass in the industry. Body slides are 6 meters higher then the replaced jungle ride 19,62 meter start point.
The Python is going to be the biggest waterslide in the industry. This three person slide is ridden in a circular tube, so everyone is facing each other for all the unexpected twists and turns. This ride is suitable for friends and family. The slides largest point measures a staggering 6 meters in diameter before swayingit`s sliders into the splash pool.
The Pipeline whisks riders along a twisting and banking tube that is sure to make even the most adventurous hearts race. The Pipeline is perched some 20 meters high, directly above the notoriously extreme Climax, giving riders a breathtaking, panoramic view of the Kuta skyline and of Waterbom`s lush tropical gardens. Riders race through the winding and weaving 150-meter tube in approximately 1–13 seconds, experiencing some 3.5 gravitational forces. The Pipeline is the perfect fix for thrill seekers both young and old.
A thrilling swoosh down the aqua tube picks up momentum as you get pulled through the enclosed slide at breathtaking speeds. Emerge from the tunnel into a huge cauldron, otherwise known as the Super Bowl! The riders are then launched into the SuperBowl with centrifugal force, keeping them high on the wall for several turns, ending in an exciting transition into a splashdown pool. From here, you get flushed down for a splash into the pool.
Sliding to new heights! The most exhilarating ride is finally here! The physics of this ride are simply made to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Enter a small chamber 19 meters above the ground, let the adrenalin rush consume your emotions before a trap door opens up and exposes you to 2.5g-force of SPEEEEDDDDD…!!!!! Your body takes you on a sharp dip before going back up and looping around. The physics of this ride are made to give you the thrill of a lifetime.
Climb 60 degrees up, scream your lungs out as you twist down a 20-meter drop, only to get swept straight up again! Before you can catch your breath, you`re in for a free fall. The ultimate half pipe, where the sky is the limit.
- Euro-Bungy :
Soar over the trees! Catapults guests 9m high with a weightless sensation and loss of gravity.
You can make a cute and funny face for yourself as a souvenir when you are in Bali.
Waterbom’s Bali's latest play toy, ‘The Shack’, is another escape within an escape. This rustic wooden structure is what stereotypes the image of being in a tropical environment away from an urban setting—the opposite of being in a concrete office space. This new installment will add to the overall experience at Waterbom Bali. Need a break from all the slides? The shack offers the alternative: a full-service bar serving the freshest "Mojitos", the mint is literally picked from Waterbom’s own garden. Drinks or no drinks the shack also offers a place to ‘chill out’, sit in a hammock, play a game of backgammon, chess or any other strategy games and define the word ‘RELAX’, another relaxing option is to have a reflexology treatment, all whilst having great music to satisfy the soul.
- DOUBLE TWIST (new) :
A speedy drop followed by A DOUBLE loop provides a combination of speed, twists, turns, and thrills. One of the most creative and innovative slide paths world wide,engineered and designed with the purpose of FUN in mind.
- FAST N’ FIERCE (new) :
Two open slides line up side by side, guaranteed to offer nothing short of a RUSH. This will leave thrill seekers wanting to come back for more. Speed is the name of the game for this slide.
- TWIN RACERS (new) :
The name of the slide says it all, race your friends and get the fun competitive spirit rolling. Start on a mat, face forward, push off, spiral around the in-closed section of the ride, and then race down the surprise drop of the slide for the last stretch. A combination of fun and excitement for all ages! Get ready..gooooooo
- SMASH DOWN 2.0 (new) :
The famous smashdown of old has gotten that much better. Its predecessor started at 21 meters up, Smash Down 2.0 starts at a staggering 25.9 meters. Similar to the Climax slide, Smash Down 2.0 has everyone enter a capsule only to have a trap door open from underneath and have you bullet your way to the finish point in a matter of seconds. Adrenalin pumping – Check, Heart pounding – Check, Head rushing – check.
The first on the island. Yes, you read it right—not a single but a double. It’s a five-foot stationary wave supplied by the most reputable wave company in the industry, ‘Wave Loch'. Two riders will be able to surf the wave at the same time, with the choice of a stand-up board or a lay-down board. The FLOW RIDER will be situated at the brand new Thaitalian theatre kitchen concept.
- There are a total of 22 world-class water slides; a fun shop with a variety of merchandise; the Wantilan Restaurant and Various Food Stalls; a locker, changing room, and shower room; a water blaster; a Euro-bungy trampoline; Pret A Manger; The Shack; Thaitalian; Paint Face; foot reflexology; and back and shoulder massage; a fish spa; Digiphoto; Kiddy Park; and an aquatic playground; Large sunbathing area, gazebo or cabana, group functions, and private area booking.
Waterbom Park Bali Parking Area :
- Car park available
Food and Beverage at Waterbom Park Bali :
- Snack and Beverage Counter, Restaurant are available at Waterbom Park Bali
- THAITALIAN :A Theatre Kitchen Café serving Thai and Italian comfort food in the Flow Rider area with a vantage point of the four new rides at WaterbomBali. Serving Thai and Italian comfort food in a purpose-built wantilan made from recycled wood.
Height & Weight Restrictions in Waterbom Bali :
- Smash Down 2.0 : Minimum Height 122 cm & Maximum weight 140 kg
- Double Twist : Minimum Height 122 cm & Maximum weight 140 kg
- Fast N’ Fierce : Minimum Height 120 cm & Maximum weight 140 kg
- Twin Racers : Minimum Height 110 cm & Maximum weight 135 kg
- Superbowl : Minimum Height 122 cm & Minimum Weight 45.5 kg & Maximum182 kg
- Kiddy slides : Minimum Height 120 cm
- Boomerang : Minimum Height 122 cm & Minimum Weight 45.5 kg & Maximum182 kg
- Climax : Minimum Height 120 cm & Minimum Weight 45 kg & Maximum 140 kg
- Pipeline : Minimum Height 100 cm & Minimum Weight 45 kg & Maximum 140 kg
- Green Vipers : Open body slide Minimum Height 100 cm & Maximum weight 140 kg
- Green Vipers : Enclosed body slide Minimum Height 110 cm & Maximum weight 140 kg
Waterbom Bali Opening Hours :
Everyday (Daily Open) from 09.00 am - 06.00 pm
Closed on Nyepi Day (Silence Day / Seclusion Day)

How to Go to Waterbom Park ....
Location & Address of Waterbom Park Bali Tuban :
Activity Location : Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact us for Waterbom Bali Reservation Phone Number +6289666777488
Call & Text Messaging (Chat, Google+, Line, Whatsapp or SMS) our customer services team on the number above, who will help you with all of your holiday needs.
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Waterbom Park Bali Nearby & Direction :
- Kuta Beach (1.3 Km)
- Denpasar (9.7 Km)
- Nusa Dua (13.9 km)
Transport to Waterbom Park Bali :
Get a Bali Transport from your stay (Contact us for Cheap Bali Transport). Waterbom Park Bali, Tuban also can arrange a Free Transportation including into your Trip Package.

Waterbom Bali, Best Recommended and Ideal Activity for :
* Bali Backpacker and Individual Traveler
* Bali Trendsetter 
* Bali Nature Lover 
* Local Bali Adventures
* Bali Thrill Seeker 
* Bali Luxury Traveler 
* Bali Family Vacationer
* Bali Hits Activity Seeker
* Honeymoon in Bali 
* Bali Best Photograhpy Location
* Famous Bali Trip and Destination
Waterbom Bali can be combined and implemented in conjunction with other activities Trip or Tour in the same directions.

What you should bring for Waterbom Bali activity :
- Payment (Cash, Voucher, Credit Card)
- Shorts or Swimming Wear
- T-shirt
- Sport shoes/sandals
- Hat & sunscreen recommended
- A chance of clothing
- Camera or Video Recorder to save your perfect memories with Waterbom Bali
Tips For Your Holiday Trip and Vacation in Bali : 
Comfort and safety during travel are two very important things to consider before traveling to a place. Here are some tips that can help you survive the journey to your destination:
- Avoid showing off valuable things
- Do not solitude or being alone
- Save important documents & belongings
- Bring supplies as needed
- Keep food consumption and use mineral water 



Special Price / Promo Rate Entrance Ticket to Waterbom Park Bali Kuta :
Waterbom Park Bali
Product Image and Description
Waterbom Park Bali
Best Price 2023

Bali Waterbom Park
Admission Ticket

Inclusion : One Day Pass
Admission Only

Access to all waterslide facilities tubes and mats for full day

Adult IDR 450,000
Child IDR 325,000

IDR 520,000 ++


Bali Waterbom Park
Admission Ticket

Inclusion : One Day Pass
Admission Only

Access to all waterslide facilities tubes and mats for full day

Family IDR 1,400,000
IDR 1,630,000 ++
Family : 2 Adult + 2 Children

GET CASH BACK / Waterbom Park Bali DISCOUNT RATE / Last minute Deal of your booking and trip to Waterbom Park Kuta Bali by Contact Us Now and Fill the Inquiry below

Waterbom Park Bali Terms & Conditions :
- Bali Waterbom Park Ticket Rate validity of year 2023
- Minimum 1 participant for Bali WaterbomPark Single Day Admission Ticket
- The above rates already include Government Tax and Service Charges
- Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult, Waterbom Park Bali Children Rate for between 2 - 11 Years old
- Infant below 2 years old is Free of Charge
- No outside Food and Beverage to be brought into the park
- Waterslides are not allowed for guests who have recently undergone surgery, women during pregnancy and guests with chronic back or heart condition
- Guests riding the waterslides are not permitted to wear jewelery, shirts/bathing suits with metal decorations, cut-off jeans, sunglasses, eyeglasses or goggles
- Insurance coverage is applicable, terms and conditions apply

Waterbom Park Bali Price Including :
- Admission Fee of Bali Waterbom Park
- Tickets are include access to all waterslide facilities, tubes and mats for full day
- The Guests are entitled to re-entry the park within the same day (wrist band will be provided to whom would like to leave and re-entry the park)
- All Benefit show on the itinerary base on the Package
- The above rate gives access to the entire park except towel, locker, Euro Bungy, Water Blaster, Digi Photo, Fish Spa, Reflexology, and Gazebo rental service which are available to extra charge
- Waterbom Park Bali Group rate with flexible price is available upon request
- For guest convenience and safety, Water bom Park Bali cashless payment system is applied inside the park. A wristband called ’SPLASH BAND’ stores credit information end is to be scanned whenever a transaction is made

Terms of Payment and Cancellation :
- We accept two forms of payment : Cash or Credit Card. In accordance with the policy of Bank Indonesia, the prices display in Indonesian Rupiah currency. All payment should be settled by our INDONESIAN RUPIAH money (IDR)
- Although it is not our policy to levy cancellation or "no show" fees of any kind, a late notice of cancellation may result a claim from the Activity provider. Will inform to you upon making reservation

Watch below YouTube video player of WATERBOM PARK BALI, Best way to beat the heat in Bali. Waterbom Bali new official video. Be happy!

Waterbom Bali, Tuban - Review :
“Awesome fun!!!" 
(Denji - Japan)

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