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Lovina, Kalibukbuk


As a tourist area and center of tourism in Singaraja Bali, Lovina gets the biggest visit from tourists who visit the northern part of Bali. It is estimated by 90% of tourists who pay a visit to the north part of Bali will be in Lovina.

The center of activities in the Lovina area is located 10 km from Singaraja Town. Nowadays, the Lovina area is becoming the center of tourism activities in the north part of Bali and offer many kinds of accommodations, restaurants, bars, beach activities, art shops, bank, transportation, etc. The accommodations in this area are available from the star hotel class to small hotel even the home stay for the low budget travelers.

There are no clear sources or evidence that hit the name of Lovina Genesis. According to the reference of the children from Anak Agung Panji Tisna, the clan of the famous Buleleng King that the name Lovina is given by him which is located in Kaliasem countryside, where at the first time he build a bungalow as a resort. He said that the name Lovina is taken away from the name of a small hotel in India that is Lafeina whereabouts he stayed and write the book with the title Ni Ketut Widhi.
This book is translated into some languages. In memory of the hotel name, hence the ownership lands give the Lovina name. But there is also other version that is Lovina Name is given caused by its 2 Santen trees are planted by him and grow embracing each other. In this case Lovina is coming from Latin Language that mean is loving each other or love. Then Lovina's name is interpreted as abbreviation from Love and Ina and it is interpreted as Love to Indonesia.

Lovina is officially located in Kalibukbuk area and covering some countryside like Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk countryside. A well-known beach at the north coast of the Island of God where you can actually see dolphins swimming around and greeting you with their claps and squeaks. It stretches down the whole north coast with small villages like Kaliasem & Temukus, Kalibubuk, Anturan, Tukad Mungga and Pemaron as its main public areas. A stunning sunset seems to be perpetually glowing here and this is also complementarily a great place for water sports. The sand along the beach is grayish black in colour because of the lack of waves and temperate water. This somehow goes with the tranquility the beach offers. As for a sight of the dolphins or a good snorkeling spot, and at a better price, I would suggest for you to take the local service. Make an appointment with him and rent a private boat instead of renting the boats which are already at the beach. Here is a brief summary about areas along Lovina beach. 

Most visitors to Lovina beach in Buleleng, in the northern part of Bali, are there for the dolphins. Tourists generally make the trip out to the beach in June, July or August, when the weather is good and the waters blue and clear. The rising number of visitors to the beach is good for the local economy because of the jobs it creates. There are more than 300 dolphin spotting guides in Kaliasem village in Kalibukbuk near Lovina beach. During peak season, nearly all of them are busy taking tourists on trips out to sea.
The best time for dolphin spotting in Lovina is about 6 am so tourists are advised to turn up at 5.30 am, before sunrise Dolphin watching is much like fishing in that if one is lucky they will get a "big catch" and see the dolphins up close, but if they are not, they will go home "empty-handed", without seeing so much as a fin. Once dolphins are spotted, the boats race to get into the best position. Many people are satisfied by the experience, but others return from sea complaining the dolphins were chased and cornered by the boats. To watch Dolphin in Lovina, you have to rent a local Bali boat maximum 6 person on it. IDR 100.000 per person to get in to the Boat.

Lovina, located in Buleleng regency, about 3 hours away by car from Denpasar. On the way to Lovina, you can visit or stop at some fascinating tourist attractions, such as Gitgit Waterfall, Bedugul, Banyuatis Coffee Plantation, and much more.

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