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Cacao in Bali


Chocolate is the name for the food or drinks from cocoa processed (Theobroma cacao)

Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is a tangible plant originating from South America. From the seeds of this plant, refined products are known as chocolate.
Bali Cocoa is an annual plant (perennial) in the form of a tree that, in nature, can reach a height of 10m. Nevertheless, in the cultivation, the height was no more than 5m but extended sideways. This is done to increase the productivity of the branches. Cocoa, as well as members of other Sterculiaceae, grows directly from the trunk (cauliflorous). Perfect flowers are small (maximum diameter 3cm), single, but seem strung because often a number of flower buds emerge from a single point. Pollination of flowers carried by insects (especially small flies (midges) Forcipomyia, winged ants, aphids, and some bees Trigona) usually occurs at night. Pollinated flowers are ready within a few days.
The fruit grows from the pollinated flowers. The fruit size is much larger than the flowers, and it is round to elongated. The fruit consists of five leaves and has a space inside for the beans. Fruit color changes. When young, green to purple once mature, the outer skin is usually yellow fruit. On the inside, the beans are protected by a seed coat (aryl) white soft sweet and slightly sour. In terms of agriculture called pulp. This Endospermia seed has fat with high enough levels. In the post-harvest processing, pulp fermented for three days and then the beans will dried in the sun.
Bali cacao beans are one of the trading commodities that have the opportunity to be developed in order to attempt to increase the income of cocoa farmers. Indonesian cocoa production is significantly increasing, but the quality of the resulting cocoa is very low and varied because it is less fermented, not quite dry, the seed size is not large, the skin is high-grade, the acidity is high, and the taste is very varied and inconsistent. This is reflected in the fact that the price of Indonesian cocoa beans is relatively low and charged at a discounted price compared to similar products from other producing countries. On the other side, Indonesian cocoa also has the advantage of having a lot of fat and being able to produce cocoa powder of good quality.
Cocoa as a commodity is usually divided into two major groups: Mulia cocoa (cacao edel) and Curah cocoa (cacao bulk). In Indonesia, the precious cocoa produced by some old plantations in Java. This variety is derived from breeding done in the Dutch colonial period and is known from its name beginning with `DR` (e.g., DR-38), which is taken from the abbreviation of the name of the plantation where he did a selection (Djati Roenggo, in Ungaran, Central Java).
The benefits of cocoa that has been processed into chocolate are:
- Increases blood flow to the brain.
- People who eat dark chocolate before eating can obtain 15 percent fewer calories.
- The content of the phenethylamine in chocolate can trigger the release of endorphins, which is similar to the feeling when people fall in love.
- In chocolate contains of anandamine that can activate receptors in the brain, causing a happy effect.

In 2009, Bali Province, based on statistics, had an area of 12,850 hectares of cacao (cocoa bulk), with production reaching 6,825.979 tons; in other words, the productivity was 772 kg/ha.
Plants of Cocoa Bali are usually found in the mountains of Bali. During the tour in Bali, if you want to see this tree, just go to Agro Tourism in Bali along Kintamani Street.

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