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Jalak Bali (Starling) Bird


This Bird is the pride of Bali island. Its fur is very beautiful and smooth white with a tinge of color like blue mask.

Bali Starling is one of the best fauna in Indonesia because this bird does have beautiful colors, pretty, clean and awesome. Also when we see these birds singing very crowded suitable for chirp at home. And to have this beautiful bird, You must have permission from BKSDA as bird conservationists and ensure that your pet when it comes from farms (breeding) instead of catchment from forest (because these birds are rare).

Typical Indonesian endemic bird species whose habitat is only found in the western part of Bali. This bird is also known for bold, reliable and intelligent, as well as having the characteristics.

Since 1991, the Bali Starling was officially designated as a symbol of the fauna of Bali island. Birds are in Latin, known as Leucopsar Rothschildi, is one of the endangered fauna. Due to poaching, habitat of these birds almost disappeared.

First reported discovery by Dr. Baron Stressmann a bird expert from British nationality on March 24, 1911. Upon the recommendation Stressmann, Dr. Baron Victor Von Plessenn conduct advanced research (1925) and found the Bali starling bird distribution ranging from Bubunan Gilimanuk with broad estimate of the spread of 320 km2. In 1928 a number of 5 mice Bali Starling brought to England and successfully bred in 1931. Sandiego Zoo in the United States to breed in the 1962 of Bali Starling (Rindjin, 1989).

Since 1966, the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of nature and Natural Resources) has included the Bali Starling in the Red Data Book, which is a book that contains the type of flora and fauna are endangered.
In international trade convention for wild bodies of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora), Bali starling listed in Appendix I, is groups endangered and prohibited to be traded.
The Indonesian government issued Decree from the Minister of Agriculture No. 421 / Kpts / Um / 8/70 dated August 26, 1970, which describes that the Bali starling bird reserved.
Categorized as endemic species of Bali, which is the only species found on the island of Bali (currently only in the West Bali National Park), and wildlife never encountered any hemisphere in this world.
By the Provincial Government of Bali serve as Symbol Fauna of Bali Province.

In Biology, Bali Starling has the following classification: Phylum (Chordata), Order (Aves), Family (Sturnidae), Species (Leucopsar Rothschildi Stressmann 1912) with the local name Bali Starling, Curik White, White Bali starling, Jalak Bali.
The traits / characteristics of the Bali Starling can be expressed as follows:
Fur: ​​Most of the Bali Starling white fur clean, except for the tip of the tail feathers and wings are black.
Eyes: dark brown eyes, the area around the eyelids hairless with dark blue color.
Hair: Bali Starling has beautiful crested, in sex male and females.
Feet: Bali Starling has gray blue legs with 4 fingers (1 backwards and forwards 3).
Part: Part spike with 2-5 cm, with a distinctive form in which the top there is elevation of the flattened upright. Beak color blackish gray with a yellow brown tip.
Size: It is difficult to distinguish Bali starling bird body size of males and females, but in general the males slightly larger and has a more long pigtails.
Eggs: Eggs Bali Starling has a bluish-green oval with an average of the longest diameter of 3 cm and the smallest diameter of 2 cm.

In habitats (natural) Bali Starling showed breeding process in the period of the rainy season, ranging from November to May

Bali Starling last habitat in the West Bali National Park is only found in the Prapat Agung Peninsula (precisely Teluk Brumbun and Teluk Moringa). This is interesting because in the annals of the spread of the Bali Starling never get to the area of Bubunan - Singaraja (± 50 km East region).

Birds that live only in this western part of the island of Bali,
should we preserve and protect their habitat.

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