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Mountain in Bali


Mount Batur is one of the tourist trekking destinations in Bali, with a sunrise view in the morning and a beautiful view of the lake. Very fascinating and amazing.

On the island of Bali, stretching mountains from the west part to the east side of Bali, there are clusters of volcanoes: Mount Batur and Mount Agung, and non-volcanic mountains, namely Mount Merbuk, Mount Patas, and Mount Seraya. The existence of these mountains causes the Bali Region to be divided into two (2) unequal parts: North Bali, with a narrow lowland and less sloping, and South Bali, with extensive lowland and ramps. Bali slope consists of flat land (0–2%) covering an area of 122 652 ha, undulating land (2–15%) covering an area of 118 339 ha, steep land (15–40%) covering an area of 190 486 ha, and very steep (> 40%) covering an area of 132 189 ha.

Mount Agung is the highest point in Bali, at 3,142 meters. The volcano last erupted in March 1963. Mount Batur is also one of the mountains in Bali. Around 30,000 years ago, Mount Batur erupted, causing a terrible disaster on earth.

The eruption that occurred in 1917 at Mount Batur took the lives of 1,000 people and destroyed the Batur village on the south side of the mountain. Residents still survive in this village until, in 1926, the mountain erupted again and destroyed the entire village. A sacred building remains in the temple.

Unlike in the north, the southern part of Bali is lowland irrigated by rivers.

Here are the names of the mountains are in Bali :
- Mount AGUNG, Jungutan village, district Bebandem, Karangasem - Bali (3,142 m)
- Mount BATUKARU, Pujungan village, district Pupuan, Tabanan - Bali (2,276 m)
- Mount ABANG, Sabang village, district Kintamani, Bangli - Bali (2,151 m)
- Mount BATUR, South Batur village, district Kintamani, Bangli - Bali (1,717 m)
- Mount AMBYARSARI, Blimbing Sari village, district Melaya, Jembrana - Bali
- Mount BANYUWEDANG, Palasari village, district Melaya, Jembrana - Bali
- Mount MERBUK, Manistutu village, district Melaya, Jembrana - Bali
- Mount MELAYA, Palasari village, district Melaya, Jembrana - Bali
- Mount LEMPUYANG, Basangalas village, district Abang, Karangasem - Bali
- Mount BISBIS, Seraya Barat village, district Karangasem - Bali
- Mount ADENG, Senganan village, district Penebel, Tabanan - Bali
- Mount CATUR, Pancasari village, district Sukasada, Buleleng - Bali
- Mount CEKUH, Penyabangan village, district Gerokgak, Buleleng - Bali
- Mount KUSKUSAN, Penyabangan village, district Gerokgak, Buleleng - Bali
- Mount MANGU, Pangsan village, district Petang, Badung - Bali
Model: Putu Thaniya (Mount Batur view)
Mountains in Bali have a very beautiful panorama; your Bali trekking adventures will be paid off upon reaching the top of the mountain to enjoy the thrill of the sunrise in the morning and the natural panorama surroundings.

We provide climbing services on Mount Batur and Mount Agung in Bali at sunrise. Call us now.

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