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People in Bali


Along with economic development, population growth followed in Bali, which grew rapidly.

The total population of the province of Bali, according to the 2005 census, is 3,431,368 people. Five previous censuses recorded a population in Bali as follows: the 1930 census recorded 1,101,029 people; the 1961 census recorded 1,782,529 people; the 1971 census recorded 2,120,091 people; the 1980 census recorded 2,469,930 people; and the 2000 census recorded 3,146,999 people.

And in 2010, a population of 3.89 million people Most Hindus are 93.18%, while the rest are Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.
Bali's population in 2014 was approximately 4 million more, with a majority of 84.5% Hindu. Other religions are Buddhism (0.5%), Islam (13.3%), Protestants, and Catholics (1.7%). Islam is the largest minority religion in Bali, with adherents now reaching 13.3% based on the latest census in January 2014.

Apart from tourism, the Balinese also live from agriculture and fisheries; most notably, the world of agriculture in Bali is the Subak system. Some also choose to be artists.

The languages used by the people of Bali are Indonesian, Balinese, and English (especially for those who work in the tourism sector). Bahasa Bali and Bahasa Indonesia are the most commonly used languages in Bali and Indonesia, as well as by other residents who use the regional language as their mother tongue. Although there are several dialects of the Balinese language, generally, Balinese dialect association is an option for communicating.

Bali has its own Bali language usage levels, for example, Bahasa Bali Alus, Bahasa Bali Madya, and Bahasa Bali Kasar.
- Bahasa Bali Alus is a language that is used formally, for example, in traditional village-level meetings, to woo a woman, or between low-caste people and a higher caste.
- Bahasa Bali Madya is a language that is used at the community level, such as by officials and chiefs.
- Bahasa Bali Kasar is a language that is used by lower-class people, such as nobles and servants.
English is the third language (and has become the primary foreign language) of many Balinese people and is influenced by the needs of the tourism industry. The employees who work at the tourist information centers in Bali often also understand some of the foreign languages with adequate competence. Japanese language education is also a priority in Bali, along with other languages.

Learning Bahasa Bali language :
Thank you = `Matur Suksma`
Good Morning = `Rahajeng Semeng`
How are you? = `Punapi Gatra?`
Good = `Becik`
How much is = `Aji kuda niki`

The use of letters of `a` word behind Bahasa Bali, will be spoken `e` sounds like the word` `e` apple`

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